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The rich history

Hindeloopen is a strong and extraordinary town despite having less than 900 inhabitants. It has its own unique art styles, attire and notably, its own language, known as Hylpers. In the middle of the picturesque Hindeloopen (Hylpen), surrounded by water and winding roads, you can find the Hylper Huis, known to the Hindelooper as the Huis van Ham. This house was traditionally (in the 18th century) a Hindelooper Captain’s Residence.

Old picture Hindeloopen

Hindeloopen and the Huis van Ham

Ham, the last owner of this beautiful house, was the local grocer for many years. People visited his store (at the front of his house) to find anything and everything.

When Ham and Truus decided to move to a retirement home in their sunset years, we bought the Huis van Ham. During the 2-year long renovation project, we delved more deeply into the history of this extraordinary house with its extraordinary occupants. All of this whilst maintaining enormous respect for the past.

Behind the large counter, Ham, or his wife, Truus, were there to put their hand to every item, exchange a friendly word and update the cashbook.